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Boards & Bottle DIY Sign Painting
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Join us in the Vineyard for a one-of-a-kind DIY sign painting event on Saturday, June 29th from 2pm-4pm. Sold Out!

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BOARDS & BOTTLE: DIY Sign Painting
Saturday, June 2pm-4pm

Join us for a one-of-a-kind DIY sign painting event with Boards & Bottle. Your afternoon will include a handcrafted board, paints, brushes, one-on-one instruction from Boards & Bottle owner, Kristen, and a wine tasting of delicous Pellegrini wines.

Enjoy painting your own tall porch sign or a unique rustic wood tray with antiqued handles. Your family name, or custom phrase, can be painted in the center. Pre-cut stencils prepared especially for you make this an easy project for all abilities.
Ticket price: $39
Pre-sale Only. RSVP by Saturday, June 22nd

Sold Out! Next event in October


Participants choose from the following sign combinations:

1) Antique Wood Tray
2) Tall Porch Sign


Custom Stencils
1) Help Yourself Honey
2) Home is Where the Grapes Grow
3) Welcome
4) Amazing Grace

For more information & to send your preference of stencil and board, Contact:
707-545-8680 ext.1