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Greek Night

The recipes of "Greek Night" have been prepared by guest chefs and friends of Pellegrini, Krescent Carasso and Jasper Speicher. They are multi-faceted artists with residences in San Francisco and Sea Ranch. Krescent is commercial and editorial food photographer, painter and shibori enthusiast. Jasper is a UX/UI designer, engineer, and experimental musician. Krescent, who is of Greek descent, travels to the Aegean Sea annually. The two were married on the small island of Folegandros, with many of our friends in attendance, and our adventures together continuing to many of the other Cyclades islands. The cuisine of Greece is now ingrained in our shared friends culture. Krescent and Jasper continue to revive those magical days, hosting us at their home in Sea Ranch, with Greek Night being our favorite family style dinner.

Greek Night recipes showcase our Olivet Lane Olive Oil and pair with our 2018 Pellegrini Sauvignon Blanc R.R.V.

Photography by @krescentcarasso


Authentic Greek Tzatziki
April 1, 2020
"Greek Night" Recipe No.3 by guest chefs, Krescent Carasso and Jasper Speicher — Tzatziki is a traditional part of meze, served as a cold appetizer or side dish. Pair with warm bread, grilled chicken or lamb, or chopped fresh veggies.
Greek Salad with Ouzo
April 1, 2020
"Greek Night" Recipe No.2 by guest chefs, Krescent Carasso and Jasper Speicher — Known as horiatiki, this traditional Greek salad is a staple Mediterranean side dish. Made with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives, red onion, and feta.
Grilled Branzino
April 1, 2020
"Greek Night" Recipe No.1 by guest chefs, Krescent Carasso and Jasper Speicher — Whole grilled fish is a hearty dish, featured on many Greek tables and menus. Branzino, also known as European sea bass, is classic, though this recipe works with any fresh whole fish.