2022 Olivet Lane Sparkling Red
2022 Olivet Lane Sparkling Red
Carbonic + Charmat Pinot Noir
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Wine Specs
Pinot Noir
Russian River Valley
Vineyard Designation
Olivet Lane
Harvest Date
September 3, 2022
6.24 g/l
Carbonic + Charmat
Bottling Date
July 19, 2023
Residual Sugar
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Our first foray into the world of sparkling red wine, the 2022 Olivet Lane Sparkling Pinot Noir floods the nose with rainier cherry, plum, pink dragon fruit, and hay straw. In the mouth, black cherry, pink lemonade, blueberry, and cranberry tones are balanced by hibiscus. The longer this wine sits in the glass, the more prominent the stem component develops.
Production Notes
Grapes for this wine we have specifically chosen from areas of our Olivet Lane Estate with the perfect balance of grape and stem maturation. They were taken direct from the vineyard into a 5 Ton fermenter, layering in dry ice between each bin. The only treatment the tank received was a bag of dry ice hung above it three times a day to promote an anaerobic environment, and one pump-over over the life of the tank time. In order to maintain a pH more suitable for sparkling wine, these grapes had only 15 days carbonic maceration, as the process consumes malic acid. In order to make this wine sparkle, the Charmat method was chosen, in which a secondary fermentation is conducted in tank in the tradition of Prosecco wines, as opposed to happening in individual bottles like the champagne method.
Food Pairing Notes
The perfect Thanksgiving wine, or Chinese BBQ pork buns.